How Do I Add Artists To My Festival Playlist?

The artists you see in your playlist are the ones who have joined MAGNIFI.

If you don’t see an artist in your playlist - it’s likely because they (1) haven’t joined MAGNIFI; (2) haven’t uploaded music to MAGNIFI; or (3) haven’t included your show date on their Artist Profile.

Artists can join MAGNIFI for free by creating a profile on our website ( or by filling out this form:

If an artist is already on MAGNIFI but doesn’t have a date at your venue/festival entered in their profile, email with their tour date and we will add it for you.

If an artist is already on MAGNIFI but doesn’t have music on their Artist Profile, email the artist or their representative asking them to do so.

To see if an artist already has a profile on MAGNIFI - go to the search bar in the upper right hand corner on our website, and in the left hand menu on our mobile app.  

If you need to search a lot of artists, simply email their names in a spreadsheet or line break form to with your venue's name in the subject line.

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