Why Can't I Find My Venue On MAGNIFI?

If you don't see your venue on MAGNIFI, it's likely because (1) your booked artists haven’t joined MAGNIFI yet; or (2) they have joined MAGNIFI, but have not entered your date in their Artist Profile.

Encourage your booked artists to join MAGNIFI by sending them an email like this:

"Promote your show on [Venue] Playlist! Simply create a profile on MAGNIFI here: Email with any questions."

If your artist is on MAGNIFI but isn’t showing a date for your venue, email with their show date and we will add it for you.

To see if an artist has a profile on MAGNIFI, use the search bar in the top right corner on the website, and the left-hand navigation on the mobile app.

To search for multiple artists, email the artist names in a spreadsheet or line break form to with your venue’s name in the subject line.

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